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Thus depending on whether the calendar year is taken as starting on 1 Tishri or on 1 Nisan (respectively the start of the Jewish civil and ecclesiastical years) the Seleucid era begins either in 311 BC (the Jewish reckoning) or in 312 BC (the Greek reckoning: October–September).An early and common practice was Roman 'consular' dating.

The last consul nominated was Anicius Faustus Albinus Basilius.This involved naming both consules ordinarii who had taken up this office on January 2 of the relevant civil year.Sometimes one or both consuls might not be appointed until November or December of the previous year, and news of the appointment may not have reached parts of the Roman empire for several months into the current year; thus we find the occasional inscription where the year is defined as "after the consulate" of a pair of consuls.His successors followed his practice until the memory of the Roman Republic faded (about AD 200), when they began to use their regnal year openly.Some regions of the Roman Empire dated their calendars from the date of Roman conquest, or the establishment of Roman rule.Another system that is less commonly found than might be thought was the use of the regnal year of the Roman emperor.

At first, Augustus indicated the year of his reign by counting how many times he had held the office of consul, and how many times the Roman Senate had granted him Tribunican powers, carefully observing the fiction that his powers came from these offices granted to him, rather than from his own person or the many legions under his control.

The Olympic Games provided the various independent city-states with a mutually recognizable system of dates. It was used in Gaul, in Egypt, and in most parts of Greece until the Islamic conquest, and in the Eastern Roman Empire until its conquest in 1453.

The rule for computing the indiction from the AD year number, which he had just invented, was stated by Dionysius Exiguus: add 3 and divide by 15; the remainder is the indiction, with 0 understood to be the fifteenth indiction.

Soon afterwards, imperial regnal dating was adopted in its place.

Another method of dating, rarely used, was anno urbis conditae (Latin: "in the year of the founded city" (abbreviated AUC), where "city" meant Rome).

(It is often incorrectly given that AUC stands for ab urbe condita, which is the title of Titus Livius's history of Rome.) Several epochs were in use by Roman historians.

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