Chris klein dating history

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Chris klein dating history

Long-distance relationships are tough, and these two eventually called it off.

Klein starred in the 2002 remake of the film Rollerball, but the film was a massive critical and financial failure.

The newly unearthed burial site is believed to be the largest ancient tomb ever discovered in Greece, dwarfing those of Macedonian royals, including Alexander’s father Philip II, buried more than 100 miles west of Amphipolis in the small town of Vergina. “Regarding the key question, the excavation will reveal the identity of the deceased,” Samaras said.

“The tomb is definitely dated to the period following the death of Alexander the Great, but we cannot say who it belongs to,” Peristeri told Agence France-Presse.

A more likely explanation is that the grand tomb was built for one of Alexander’s commanders or family members.

The empire forged by Alexander quickly crumbled into warring factions following his death, and blood drenched Macedonia’s arid hills from the infighting.

He lived in the town for thirteen years before his family moved to Omaha, Nebraska.

At Millard West High School in Omaha, Klein acted in his high school's performance of West Side Story, played cornerback and linebacker for the football team, and swam on the Millard West Swim Team.The tomb is almost certainly not the resting spot of Alexander the Great, who died in Babylon, modern-day Iraq, in 323 B. He was believed to have been buried in Egypt after his corpse was stolen en route to his homeland by Ptolemy, one of his former generals.Some have speculated, however, that the Amphipolis tomb could have been originally constructed with the intention of holding Alexander’s body.(2012, on quitting drinking) I realized I had to get it straight and realize what the fuck was going on because the me that I knew was slipping away. January 2000 - March 2005Chris and Katie got engaged, but lived across the country from each other because of their careers.Klein met Laina Rose Thyfault, a travel agent, in 2011 at a mutual friend's wedding.