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Using video in social media has been on the rise for quite some time.

Your recorded video will then upload itself to Facebook, where you and users can look back and watch it.

It is, after all, live, and the last thing you want to do is make a major mistake or run out of ideas in front of your viewers.

Some marketers are naturally good at this; I’m one who is not, so if you’re like me, you’re not alone—just practice once or twice beforehand.

Users can engage with the video as it’s happening (I instructed my friend to comment, and she did). If there’s a comment or user you’re having a problem with, you can also block them.

This will prevent them from engaging further with the video while it’s live.

Ultimately, any new tool that we have that we as marketers or businesses can use to keep our users engaged and interested in our content is a good tool.

As a reminder, not everyone has Facebook Live Video just yet (though we’ll continue to see more users getting it, as always); at the moment, it’s only verified Pages and personal users who are actively using the i OS app.Being able to create content in the form most appealing to users is important for continued views and engagement.The second benefit is that broadcasting a Facebook Live Video creates a sense of urgency.Because of this, we wanted to give you in-depth look at this new tool, including a thorough tutorial and some examples of best uses.Facebook Live Video is a relatively new feature that allows users to broadcast a video live to their audience in real-time (like how Blab is instant and live).As with all new tools Facebook gives us, it’s important to come up with strategies for how to use Facebook Live Video before we get behind the screen (it is, after all, live).