Chelsea handler dating e president

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Chelsea Handler doesn’t yet know what her Netflix talk show is going to be like, but here’s a safe bet: It won’t be anything like her E! The comedian ripped her former employer repeatedly in an appearance Wednesday at the Code Media conference, where she indicated her interest in taking her act in a more serious direction that she even compared with doing a cooler version of “60 Minutes.” Handler alternated between waxing rhapsodic about her experience working at Netflix with trashing her time at E!

But a lengthy meditation by a famous person on their own public image is only interesting if that public figure is doing real reflection.

This is in line with the current conventional wisdom among comedians that even suggesting that a comedian’s joke may have crossed a line is a horrifying violation of free speech.

It’s never not self-serving, but in Handler’s case it also seems sort of untrue.

“I think it’s glorifiable.”)These loglines are facetious, sort of.

Handler and her team wrangle genuinely impressive interviews, like former Israeli president Shimon Peres and the family of South Carolina shooting victim Walter Scott, for the race episode.

Singling out the drama of Bruce Jenner and the Kardashian family, she remarked: “I just don’t want to ever have to see that again. I don’t care about that.” She was dismissive of the network-TV development experience, rejecting the creative notes of executives whom she labeled as either not being funny or having the correct experience to oversee an entertainment program. “I would like a healthy mix of everything that goes on around the world,” she said, mentioning Syria and ISIS as potential subjects, “mixed with interesting stuff in our country.

The well-roundedness of ’60 Minutes’ but faster, quicker, cooler.” She envisions the project having a correspondent and not airing five nights a week.

When one blandly repeats a joke she once told about the child Pax Jolie-Pitt, she immediately laughs out loud.

“I would never, ever apologize publicly,” she says.

Chelsea Handler, for a long time, was the sort of figure that gives detractors a special sort of pain.

It’s one thing just to dislike an entertainer’s work; that’s easy and can even be fun!

Sure, Handler’s reliance on gags about the Kardashian family, Angelina Jolie, and black men was dull-minded at best (and got her a bit of flak from time to time), but she was the One.

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