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Blaze's work in physical security has important lessons for computer security -- and, as it turns out, physical security -- notwithstanding these people's attempt to trivialize it in their efforts to attack him.Tags: disclosure, locks, physical security, safes, vulnerabilities Posted on January 14, 2005 at AM • 11 Comments • January 14, 2005 PM This is ultimately a personal decision, but I think I would avoid that situation.

alas mentioning the NUMBER of violations was in itself a violation and the count incremented] • January 14, 2005 PM The locksmiths sound vulnerable.

Did she breach some form of "trust" by publically acknowledging a flaw?

My take on Matt Blaze's research is that it could be embraced as a big help to the locksmiths and lock business as it could actually expand the market to scrutinizing and replacing locks more often (to keep up with the disclosure of vulnerabilities, and to improve lock design).

I think this thread nicely illustrates the converse, that physical security folks could learn a lot from computer security.

• January 20, 2005 AM The backlash is not surprising.

I've got a lot of contacts in physical security and law enforcement that get very, very pissed off if you point out the vulnerabilities of a particular security strategy, not understanding that if I can see them, so can most anybody else that is intelligent.

Too often the combination of "security by obscurity" and "security theatre" is accepted as "good security." • February 19, 2006 PM Speaking as a locksmith and member of a popular lockpicking club, I think the locksmith community does overreact constantly to their "secrets" being passed out.

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Like anybody can't just hit Google and have dozens of websites pop up telling you how to pick locks, bypass security and so on.

Some of the local locksmith associations referred to our club as a "danger to society" just because we're teaching people in their early twenties how to pick locks, but more, to understand how locks work and how security really works.

• January 15, 2005 PM I see this as a learning experience.

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