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One guy just stared into the camera and flipped me off.

Jason Kottke, a prominent blogger, wrote that Chatroulette "is pretty much the best site going on the Internet right now." But even the haters seem to agree that the site generates a certain potentially addictive intrigue -- whether it comes from the rush of meeting a new person, or the fear of seeing a stranger who's not wearing any clothes.Several reports suggest people in their 30s will be mocked on the site for being "old." A number of memes have emerged among this young Chatroulette crowd since the site launched. One roulette camera that has flashed on computer screens repeatedly shows the image of a man who looks to have hanged himself in the back of a room.Some users dress in costumes, ostensibly to entertain their chat pairs. Viability Whether Chatroulette will be more than just a bizarre blip on the Internet pop-culture radar is still up for debate.And online dating services like Woo Me use similar features.But, in all of those instances, people choose who they will talk to -- or at least what kind of person they'd like to chat with.On Chatroulette, every interaction is an adventurous gamble.

There's no heed to class, race, geography, age, politics or religion.

(CNN) -- On Chatroulette, a new and controversial Web site, every click lands you in a face-to-face video conversation with a random stranger.

The setup is simple: Activate your webcam and click "play." Then, as people from all over the world pop up one at a time in a box on your screen, you decide whether or not to chat with them.

"It completely goes outside of your comfort zone," he said.

"Especially with Twitter and Facebook, you're used to associating with people who are like you, whereas on Chatroulette ... "It certainly reminds you that not everyone's like you -- that's for sure. Rosenfeld, an associate professor of sociology at Stanford University, said new friendships could come out of these random interactions.

A complicated legal environment also surrounds Chatroulette.

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