Chating with women

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As we know, an attack is the best defense, he will easily switch to the offensive tactics and the conflict will develop.

hello, guys mujhe ek married women se pyar ho gaya he par wo apne hasband ke liye very serios he or me use had se jyada pyar karta hu wo mujhse normal bat karti he bus or use ye bhi nai pata ki me use chahta humujhe kya karna chahiye agar koi married women neri feeling samjhe to... Married or single, it makes no difference to me, but I do like to steer the conversation towards sexy stuff, cause thats just how I roll. she also said that i look good in white colour shirt.

I may be mistaken, but your letter gives an impression that your marriage is a marriage of convenience and not of love.

Perhaps he is not happy in some part of your relationship.

Since the person who started this experience wussed out, I'll kick it off.

one married women my neighbour started chating with me by asking my hobbies.

It does not matter, exactly what kind of communication they practice, whether it be through meetings, phone or Internet, this communication is forbidden if perverse thoughts appear.

It is prohibited by Shariah to accuse a person of non-marital sexual relations without the evidence provided. are not accepted as proof) is considered a grave sin, and even punishable by 80 lashes.At first when I learned about this, I panicked and wanted to leave him.We had a conversation with him, and he convinced me that this would never happen again. We have a son, whom I will not be able to live without. As a woman chatting with another woman we have much in common. No, I am not limited to certain topics but any and all.I need an advice to understand, what I should do in the following situation: I have learned that my husband is chatting with girls, and it is not for the first time.From the point of view of psychology: Unfortunately, the problem of misunderstanding between husband and wife is very common.