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In Antena, an illegal settlement at the end of the No.

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His sister Fatima is sitting in front of one of the monitors, about to have her first date with Germany.Orhan says that if the arranged marriage goes well, the stranger will come to Shutka and take Fatima with him to Düsseldorf.The new son-in-law, he explains, will then pay for bus tickets for the rest of the family.The more you chat with Tay the smarter she gets, so the experience can be more personalized for the user.According to Microsoft, they targeted people between 18 and 24 year old in the US, since this is the dominant user group on mobile devices, but you can chat with Tay, no matter the age or location if you don’t mind US millennials jokes.While Fatima waits on a wooden chair in Shutka, her future husband is sitting on a leather couch in Düsseldorf, looking at his webcam.

They are seeing each other for the first time today.

Tay may also use information you share with her to create a simple profile to personalize your experience.

Data and conversations you provide to Tay are anonymized and may be retained for up to one year to help improve the service.

For that reason, there is no one to show people the best way to get there.

There are only people like Asim, 25, who is standing behind a burning pile of garbage, warming his hands.

is now live on Twitter, Kik and Group Me and has a Facebook page.

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