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the powers they need to protect our country."One of the biggest and most controversial new powers afforded in the bill will force broadband firms to hold basic details of the services and websites that you have accessed online.

If the new laws are agreed, all personal internet searches will be held for a year and could be accessed at anytime by your internet service provider (ISP), police officers or the security agencies.

The shocking bill – which was rumoured to enforce a ban on services like Whats App – aims to overhaul how police and security agencies can gain access to your data.

Home Secretary Theresa May unveiled the full extent of the draft British bill, which was watered down from an earlier version dubbed a Snoopers' Charter by critics who prevented it reaching parliament."It will provide the strongest safeguards and world-leading oversight arrangements," Theresa May told parliament."And it will give the men and women of our security and intelligence agencies and our law enforcement agencies...

The backdoor malware infects the OS X operating system and gives hackers complete access to the files on the computer.

Apple helped popularise voice command services with the launch of Siri back in 2011.

The recorded data would consist of a basic domain address – not a full browsing history.

This means police officers would be able to see you have visited uk – but could not pin-point the individual pages within the website.

If 5,000 of those load a URL with malware on it, you have 5,000 smartphones under an attacker's control."The team is now calling for more research into these kind of threats to help more consumers from being put at risk.

The news comes after Apple Macbook users were warned about a new virus that would allow hackers to take control of their device and its camera.

The UK Government is set to introduce new measure which will allow it to search and read your internet history from the past year.