Camille whit james franco online

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Camille whit james franco online

Camille had a domestic (US) theatrical release on November 14, 2008 - same day as Quantum of Solace - followed by an international theatrical release including Russia, Mexico, and the UAE. But being dead is not enough reason to stop the honeymoon and it's credit to Sienna Miller and James Franco in the central roles to keep the premise credible as long as it does.Louise Keller of Urban Cinefile wrote "A surprisingly touching black comedy with a twist, this love story starts in earnest after the bride is dead. The first hour in which we get an insight into the volatile relationship between Camille and Silas holds well but there's a dip in last half hour, when the film struggles before it finds its resolution.

But her non-stop harmless chatter irks Silas and there's a poignantly funny scene when they have a major confrontation in a roadside diner.After their wedding Camille frets about there being no rice thrown and how that is bad luck.On the way to Niagara Falls they crash their honeymoon bike and Camille dies in the accident.That is where they meet David Carradine's colourful Cowboy Bob, who has a team of pastel-painted rodeo horses.What happens next and the way it is revealed is crucial to the film's success and director Gregory Mackenzie directs this aspect of Nick Pustav's script with great sensitivity.Camille is a 2008 American romantic comedy film directed by Gregory Mackenzie and starring James Franco and Sienna Miller.

The film concerns two ill-matched newlyweds, Silas Parker (Franco) and Camille Foster (Miller) and their honeymoon trip to Niagara Falls.

Silas says that while he never believed in anything, Camille believed in him when no one else ever had.

The couple travels with the cowboy until he has a breakdown and sets free all his horses.

Thinking that he killed Camille, Silas runs away, breaking into a nearby house to call the police but hanging up before he reports the accident.

When he returns to the scene of the accident he finds Camille up and washing in a nearby river.

For Silas, Camille is his ticket to freedom; her Uncle Raymond (Scott Glenn), who happens to be the town sheriff, has let him out of jail in order to marry his niece.

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