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At that stage, chaos reigned, even in the capital Kinshasa.When they returned last April, they found improvements but the violence and poverty were still endemic.

‘I wanted to go to Congo because I wanted to see why Belgium went there in the first place.’ He and Marnham first visited three years ago.

Marnham points to the continuity of exploitation of the country by western powers stretching back to the time of Joseph Conrad’s ‘Heart Of Darkness’ in the late 1890s.

‘The strange thing is that you can read that book at any time and every time you do, there is a new insight into what is happening today.

Conrad described the greed that was about to fall on the Congo and the determination to strip everything out of it and take it away for our benefit… There is a complete lack of mutual interest between those who govern, develop or profit from the Congo and those who live there.’ Alongside the often disturbing Congolese footage, features classical music and stunning landscapes of the New Mexico desert.

One paradox Riche explores is that Oppenheimer and his fellow scientists relished their work together, even if they were ‘working on something like hell.’ They were based in a remote, beautiful location. and yet, they were leaving destruction in their wake.

Meanwhile, Riche discovered that Warburg had visited New Mexico in 1895, long before Oppenheimer’s arrival.

He had studied the Hopi Indian snake dance and had become fascinated by its healing power.Please check the FOI Publication Scheme and Disclosure Log to see if the information you are requesting has previously been answered and published.Please see our Publication Scheme and Disclosure Log pages on the website.At the time, he was still incarcerated in a German/Swiss asylum.Riche took the decision early on not to use archive footage.The effects of the bomb are still felt today everywhere from New Mexico to Congo to Japan. ‘They (the book and the film) are two people’s regards on the same material. ’ Beethoven and Chopin Riche and Marnham ventured to present-day Congo where they discovered western powers still jostling for the country’s uranium and other natural resources.