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Pete makes his offering to The Shiva, with a section of gym rope, not unlike the actual rope where Shiva supposedly had her sexual awakening in gym class.

At Kevin's house, Taco has burned his homemade deodorant in Kevin's oven. Taco insists he has a job making ringtones, including one of cats having sex and one of a horse having an orgasm.While driving The Shiva trophy to Andre's, Ruxin's car breaks down, and he has used all of his towing miles. The real Shiva is driving by and offers him a ride, but sees her high school yearbook photo on the trophy. (speaking of Taco) Kevin: Now I know what Tom Cruise felt like in Rainman. She states a desire to see the guys from high school and Andre tries to dissuade her.At the bar the guys huddle around the Shiva trophy, describing the graphic details of what they'd like to do to her.Many popular free dating sites california cities thailand but if haven’t free dating site in austra had population of free chat site only similar situation.

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The compare the Shiva charms they'll use next year: Pete has stolen Shiva's hairbrush, Kevin has a picture of her whole family, Ruxin stole her vibrator, and Taco stole her silverware (but only because he needed silverware).

They sing another boisterous round of Shiva-negilah.

At Andre's apartment, Andre comes downstairs thinking Ruxin has delivered The Shiva, but is surprised to find Shiva holding The Shiva, and she hits him in the groin with it before leaving. Andre: You know, I did drop some toothpicks on the floor one time and he counted them really quickly.