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"It's a big reality check, took a lot of air out of my balloon, it just sucks." After seeing Mariah kiss James at the event, Bryan went on to talk to fellow dancer G. "I was trippin' man, remember how I told you I was feeling a certain way about The Queen?

“James can’t believe that after all he has done for Mariah that she would be messing around with a dancer.” However, while sources are claiming that James has been left “furious” with Mariah’s behavior and quickness to start dating again in the wake of their breakup, the source confirmed that Packer isn’t about to start a feud with Carey or Tanaka.

, Tanaka revealed, "Man I love Mariah, she's thoughtful, she's inspiring.

I don't know there's something so unique about her, she's the queen."Then during a candid conversation with dancer G.

Stella Says It's "Obvious" Tanaka Has a "Little Crush" on Mariah: During a talk with makeup artist Kristofer and hairstylist Danielle, Stella talks about Tanaka's "little crush" on Mariah."Tanaka's getting a little cheeky with Mariah," Stella says."What makes you think that? Danielle explains, "The way that he looks at her.""Here's the thing," Stella says.

"It's obvious that Tanaka has a little crush on Mimi.

Madison, Tanaka opened up about his relationship with Mimi and revealed he's been "catching some hard feelings" for her."I feel like our chemistry is not just professional," Tanaka said.

"There's great chemistry professionally, but when we talk it feels like there's a connection that is more than just what we've had for the past ten years."He later said, "There's something undeniable with this attraction that we have for each other."I think I'm going to put him and Tanaka in separate corners because we don't want any…nonsense," Stella told cameras.Mariah has since split from the Australian billionaire, 49, and has appeared to move on with Bryan."It looks like she's really happy, and I want her to be happy you know? "She's amazing, but I've been living in this fantasy…I feel like I made a big mistake," he added, as he held his head in his hands.Later, Bryan admitted, "Mariah's the type of woman that I see myself with." While Bryan didn't dish on his feelings for the 46-year-old pop icon to her manager Stella Bulochnikov, Stella warned Mariah that she noticed he looked at her with "hungry eyes".According to People, The duo was last seen holding hands over the weekend during a night out in London.