Brad p underground dating seminar review

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Brad p underground dating seminar review - No email or sign up to meet girls to fuck

Here is the description of it : "Where do I even begin?

Anyway last week I ordered an interview series CD that Brad P has come out with.There's just not enough information in this book to make it worth what he's charging.I can tell from his posts and from the reviews of his workshops that he is one of the most talented guys out there.It's just a totally different "culture." i liked his ebook. Brad P has a very elegant way of explaining things.He talks about a Category of Opener he created a few years back that works for him better than all other known openers.He really needs to come out with an e-book that's a little bit more substantive though. I think he has a fresh, decidedly East Coast perspective.

Sometimes I cringe at some of the pickup lines that the West Coast PUA's use. in any casy if you practice with openers you can get really far really quick. I just finished reading "The Shocker" Ebook on openers.His material quickly weeds out the lame bitches and you will know very quickly whether or not the set is going to go where you want it to go.I actually agree with you that the concept of "The Shocker" is great.I wish I had the free time and money available to go to one of his workshops.I am by no means trying to knock on Brad P in general.Brad P also creates a chart of all opener categories and explains the pro's and cons of each category compared to his Shocker Opener Method. Thundercat a while ago wrote on openers and different categories of openers.