Books on speed dating

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Books on speed dating - dating in homestead

They often didn’t read a word of the book they checked out before they left!

With some modifications, I have used this basic procedure with all grade levels, from freshmen to seniors, from resource classes to advanced placement students.

The students should have completed the Interests and Reading Survey prior to Speed Book Dating.

The librarian takes the survey results and compiles a selection of compatible books for the activity.

She earned her master’s degree in school and public librarianship at Rowan University and has written several articles for Library Media Connection.

When she is not managing the Media Center, 3D printing, or reading, she tends to her herd of seventeen alpacas.

” When students have visited each table, they fill out their final book selection on the worksheet, turn in the sheet, and check out their books.

At this point, I pass out one chocolate kiss to each student, because, as I like to tell them, the perfect date ends in a kiss!For our high school, is an effective approach to pairing up students with “the perfect match” of a book!WHEN BOOKTALKS AREN’T THE ANSWER When students used to come to the media center with their English classes to select a book for an outside reading, I would usually give booktalks.We want a person to have something in common with us, and we want a date to be interesting.Similarly, we want a book to be interesting, and often we want to read about subjects or settings that are familiar to us. It’s always great to have students think a program is fun, but it’s an added bonus when that program gets books into their hands that they really enjoy and actually finish.