Bombay dating clubs

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Bombay dating clubs

Whether your idea of partying is relaxing on a rooftop while sipping a local beer, or raging all night long at a night club, or dancing to EDM at a music festival — I can promise you that India has something special to offer you.

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The best party about partying in Goa is that nothing closes until the sun rises. After I partied my heart out in Goa, I immediately headed to Mumbai to do the same thing.Literally, people chase each other in the streets, fields, temples and buildings, armed with packets of dry powdered paint and covering random people from head to toe in neon colors. It’s crazy because many people are high from drinking Bhang (yes, many people get high in India), and it’s such a fun experience!Here is a photo of me at Holi in 2015, getting smacked in the face by paint from a random dude: What kind of party venues can you find in India?The city has a long history of partying – dating back to the 1960s – when dozens of hippies settled there and started partying on the beach.The scene has only gotten bigger since then, and even 50 years later, Goa is still the best place to party in India.In some Southern cities such as Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore, the doors shut even earlier at 11 or .

I know, I know — if you’re like me, then this is disappointing because you like to party all night long.

Despite most of the general population staying away from alcohol and late night hangouts, there is still a party happening at night — regardless of which city you happen to be in.

I guess it makes logical sense, when you have a country of 1.25 billion people, there is bound to be a decent percentage of partiers.

The latter venues are typically found in 5-star international hotels and sometimes shopping malls in Mumbai.

Clubbing in these posh nightclubs feels more like clubbing in Europe or Vegas, with very expensive cover charges (up to per couple) and expensive drinks ( per beer).

Alright so now that you have a basic understand of what to expect from the nightlife scene in India, I will now present you with the Top 7 party cities in India!

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