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Yes, this is movie that can be as hubristic as a Portland craft brew; like some of those bold concoctions, it has a slightly off-putting finish.But is that a good enough reason to ignore this larger-than-life fable?

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In addition, their reputation as an irreverent local live act at venues such as SOMA alerted the label, which was trying to expand into different genres.

He is aided by three unlikely protectors: a mute origami version of the proud warrior his father once was, a largely humorless eye on the prize monkey and a goofy samurai cursed with the body of a beetle and in possession of the most fraudulent memory this side of Dory the tang fish.

Charlize Theron, tough as steak, does the monkey, while Mc Conaughey, in his funniest roll in eons, voices the beetle.

On "Sober," over Barker's brat-Bonham thwack and carpet-burn guitars, Hoppus sings vividly about how hard partying leads to hard choices, and the heartfelt title track is a sweet evocation of their home state, not as endless party palace but as a place to grow up, staying indoors in perfect weather and passing celebrities on the beach.

Art Parkinson, says it several times more before the epic animated riff on samurai stories reaches its conclusion. To blink would be to miss something strange and wondrous in what is arguably one of the most creative and visionary films of its kind, dating back perhaps to Disney in the late 30s and Pixar in the mid-90s.

Kubo would prefer to stay in the village doing Dick Dale-like runs on his three-stringed samisen, riffs that cause the stories he tells to come to life via animated origami.

The story sets its course when Kubo fails to heed his mother’s warnings, bringing destruction to the world that has kept him safe and setting him off on a largely snowbound adventure in search of three artifacts that he will need to face down and defeat his exceedingly cruel grandfather.

But if De Longe's pencil-necked pique is missed, this is still the catchiest music they've made since 2001's a feast of "summer, yo! "She's Out of Her Mind" builds a cheery singalong moment out of the term "anti-social," and on "No Future" and "Kings of the Weekend," hooks pile up like empty beer cans.

The band's old porn-addled side pops up on "Brohemian Rhapsody" – not a Queen cover but 30 seconds of precision-strike punishment and a single icky lyric: "There's something about you that I can't quite put my finger in." But there are endearing signs of growth and even wisdom.

It's been almost 20 years since Blink-182 first blazed a pants-less trail across rock radio.

But the pop-punk trio are still a generational touchstone: If you missed your junior prom because you passed out in the back of a rented limo while your date took off to hook up with the captain of the JV lacrosse team, Blink's mix of good-natured snottiness, teen-movie humor, fumbling vulnerability and Big Gulp tunefulness will forever move you in a way no art can.

As such, the band spent an additional week re-recording several tracks at Santee, California's Doubletime Studios.

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