Beautifulpeople dating site review

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Beautifulpeople dating site review - how to avoid russian dating scams

Pickings are thus slim for conservative men from New England. Once it was ready, the problem became how to get subscribers.I think lots of the profiles on any site are made up.

You will not get refunded for this shady practice if you forget to change selections. MOST have their mobile numbers in their descriptions or ask you for Yours immediately because "they are not online often" - bullcrap!! Also, this site is very sensitive in the fact that if you accidentally roll your mouse over someone's profile without even viewing it , it states you "viewed" the profile. I have had more "recently widowed" and green card seeking men contact me, their profiles look okay but as soon as we start messaging in comes the poor English language usage.This is an online dating site for plus-sized singles.On BBPeople, you can meet big and beautiful men and women who have created a comfortable community where your weight doesn’t matter.The service is designed strictly for you to meet and communicate with singles by using the tools provided.The messaging system works well and includes an easy-to-use video and audio greeting system.Most other sites at least allow you that as a free member.

I've been a paying member for over a year but because of financial reasons could not continue, so went to a free membership - which turns out isn't worth crap.

I spoke with 5 guys who the site said had viewed my profile over 25 times to find that NONE of them had looked more than once and 2 said they had no idea what I was talking about, they'd never looked at my profile because I was a non-smoker.

BEWARE of these sites, I'm not sure that the money they charge is worth the inaccuracy they provide or the hype they put out there.

As always you should read your terms of service before signing up to any online service. Most people cant or wont will go hundreds of miles for a date, so why match them? I am a white, single, full figured woman looking for a white, single male. To me, I am very insulted on how just disgusting men are.

Zero communication, makes the free version completely useless. Yes, I require certain criteria: have to have teeth and good hygiene, have to be able to hold an intellectual conversation and must have some job. I constantly get flirts and when I respond, they don't respond back. Sorry for those of you that don't fall into this category but you are very hard to find. I am a great person and I deserve so much more than what this website has to offer.

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