Baldwin orgasonic dating

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Baldwin orgasonic dating

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During this time period, Baldwin engineer Robert C.

In 1889–1890, Baldwin vowed to build "the best piano that could be built" and subsequently formed two production companies: Hamilton Organ, which built reed organs, and the Baldwin Piano Company, which made pianos.

The company's first piano, an upright, began selling in 1891.

Wulsin ultimately purchased Baldwin's estate and continued the company's shift from retail to manufacturing.

The company won its first major award in 1900, when their model 112 won the Grand Prix at the Exposition Universelle in Paris, the first American manufactured piano to win such an award.

Baldwin, like many other manufacturers, began building player pianos in the 1920s.

A piano factory was constructed in Cincinnati, Ohio.

However, Fender and Gibson continued to dominate, and sales did not reach expected levels.

The Gretsch guitar operation was sold back to the Gretsch family in 1989.

The models became unpopular by the end of the 1920s, which, coupled with the beginning of the Great Depression, could have spelled disaster for Baldwin.

However, the company's president, Lucien Wulsin II, had created a large reserve fund for such situations, and Baldwin was able to ride out the market downturn.

In 1862, Baldwin started a Decker Brothers piano dealership and, in 1866, hired Lucien Wulsin as a clerk.