Are joely richardson and john hensley still dating

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Are joely richardson and john hensley still dating - darren bent dating bruce

I thought long and hard, but in the end, giving it all up was a no-brainer.

After joining Royal Shakespeare Company in 1986, Richardson landed her first starring role in a feature in writer-director Peter Greenaway's riddle-ridden classic Drowning By Numbers (1988), playing the youngest of the three Cissie Colpitts, one of the wives who murders her husband by drowning.

Joely attended St Paul's Girl's School, London, England and Pinellas Park High School, Largo, FL.

She also went to Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London, England.

Ive worked hard for many years and Nip/Tuck was a great job.

But I just couldnt carry on with it for the sake of my conscience - or for my desires as a mother.

She also appeared in the TV movies Fallen Angel (2003), Lies My Mother Told Me (2005), Wallis & Edward (2005) and Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America (2006).

Richardson just completed Robert Shaye's adventure drama movie The Last Mimzy.And after portraying the queen Marie Antoinette in Charles Shyer's romantic drama film The Affair of the Necklace (2001; starring Hilary Swank), Richardson acted opposite mother Vanessa Redgrave in British staging of Oscar Wilde's "Lady Windermere's Fan." You get a little bit jaded even on this show, in that you think 'I don't know if I can be surprised anymore.All the characters are just so extreme, going through extreme situations and emotions every episode. In 2003, Richardson became a TV series star when she was cast as Julia, Dylan Walsh's Sean Mc Namara's troubled wife of 17 years on FX's popular plastic-surgery soap created by Ryan Murphy, "Nip/Tuck." The juicy role earned her two Golden Globe nominations for Best Actress in a Drama in 20.1996 saw Richardson supported Glenn Close and Jeff Daniels in Stephen Herek's live-action film 101 Dalmatians. She was also seen as a rich lady who is dying of cancer in Meg Richman's adaptation of Henry James' novel "The Wings of the Dove", Under Heaven (Richardson received an Independent Spirit nomination as best supporting female for the film), as the leader of some weird, post-modern hippies in writer-director Stephen Poliakoff's The Tribe, and starred opposite Clive Owen in the TV movie version of Minette Walters' novel, The Echo.In the remake of the 1961 animated film One Hundred and One Dalmatians (which in turn was based on Dodie Smith's 1956 novel The Hundred and One Dalmatians), Richardson played Anita, a fashion designer and the mistress of a beautiful female Dalmatian named Perdy. In the new millennium, Richardson co-starred with Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger in Roland Emmerich's blockbuster war drama set during the American Revolutionary War, The Patriot (she played Gibson's sister-in-law), and starred with Hugh Laurie as a couple who are trying to conceive a child in Ben Elton's romantic comedy Maybe Baby.Her mother, Vanessa is an English actress of stage, screen and television, as well as a political activist.