Anne heche and harrison ford dating

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Anne heche and harrison ford dating

TV and movies fascinated me all along, so I knew I wanted to study production and communications in college. TGI: What is one thing most people don’t know about the business that you think they should? There has to be a balance unless you are totally narcissistic and just crave attention all the time.

We put on a lot of miles driving around looking for the best lighting and scenery. Is it hard to concentrate on driving with the likes of supermodels Irina Shayk and Hailey Clauson sitting next to you?JF: I likely have answered this a bit already, but the courage to put yourself out there is inspiring for me.I’ve been too frozen in the spotlight when I’ve tried acting, for example, which is why I enjoy working more behind the scenes and part of a production team.Hanging out with Ellen De Generes was a treat, very funny lady, as you know.Working for Dick Clark and Jane Fonda was very special and meeting other celebrities.As a child, I also felt that I could not be myself, so I settled for less far too often and stayed “off stage.” When I become rich and famous, I’ll likely have more to say. First, I have to thank Kauai’s own Angela Tillson, associate producer on the project, for the opportunity.

TGI: Most recently, you worked on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2015 project, which featured 22 pages of Kauai coverage, as well as online video and an upcoming Travel Channel series. We got to work with a great professional crew with lots of personality and cruise the best locations in the world right at home.

Last week, The Garden Island chatted with Fishman about his career in the TV, film and media production business, his favorite memories with celebrities and what it takes to be behind the curtain.

The Garden Island: First, tell our readers what brought you to Hawaii. Jeff Fishman: Yeah, “Wheel of Fortune.” It was like a dream, especially now that I live here on Kauai.

Like any business I suppose, it can wear you out if you are not careful. JF: Having Harrison Ford treat me like a college buddy was cool.

We raced each other in John Deere Gators at Kipu Kai and talked story while sipping iced cappuccinos.

During the 10-day shoot, Fishman drove a 15-passenger van approximately 1,800 miles, battling heavy rain in an effort to track down spots of sunshine.