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Oh, and in case you're wondering, she made a point of learning all the contestants' eye colors just to stay focused and professional.So really, how does a show as out-of-the-box as even get conceived?

It's actually less of a sexual environment because everything is just hanging out there.When you're clothed, there's all this flirtiness, because you can be mysterious and you want to entice someone and you want them to wonder what's under there.When you're naked, you don't have to play that game.It wasn't just about being sensational, laughing at naked people; it's about relationships, romance, and finding love.Because when you start delving into that idea some more, you realize that it's not just about nudity.They start overthinking, like, I don't think I could do it, journey of self-discovery or not. I'm like, "It's no big deal, really." I take very good care of myself so I'm not afraid of showing anyone my body — but yes, I might feel the opposite when I actually had to strip down.

I'd probably be really giggly and awkward, like a lot of people on the show.

Guys can feel strongly about women's breast sizes too!

And you know, I don't think that all women care when a man is standing there and he's not excited …

It's about stripping away, sure, clothing, but also the barriers that stop people from finding a connection with someone — whether that's the social barriers or the physical barriers.

How did auditions work, in terms of gauging people's comfort with nudity? Did they have to send in nude selfies or something?

It's interesting because she'd never been confronted with that before and there it is in front of her and she couldn't help but point. As the trailer shows, nipples and crotches are all blurred. So you'll see some nice butts, just nothing from the front. A few people grew it out — we had a few girls rocking some bush, bringing the '70s back, but I would say that while the Brazilians might not have done well in the World Cup, they were No. What are some of the naked dates we're going to be seeing?

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    Yet, according to the company's current statistics, the changes have not done all that much to jilt customers one way or the other.