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Amber was also very popular in ancient Rome during the reign of Nero when jewelry, ornaments, amulets, and even dice were made from amber.Nero also dispatched an expedition to Scandinavia to find "northern gold," which resulted in the establishment of important new trade routes for the Empire.

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In 1717 it was given to Russian Tsar Peter the Great, from Prussia and was constructed of six tons of amber arranged in ornate wall panels.

They are mostly opaque, dark brown, sometimes red and yellow.

In Africa, locals, especially women, use them for making of adornments and amulets.

According to scientists Amber is fossilized tree resin that has taken millions of years to form.

This aromatic resin is also referred to as an organic gemstone that's the hardened resin of the now extinct Pinus succinifera, and other trees.

The amber room was destroyed in 1945 which caused it to become known as the Lost Amber Room.

Its recreation was decided on in 1975 which continued in 1979 as well and it was at last opened to the public in 2003.

In 1755 it was first transferred and installed in the Winter Palace and then in the Catherine Palace by Tsarina Elizabeth of Russia.

It was a complete chamber decoration of amber panels backed with gold leaf and mirrors.

Amber stones are always warm to the touch and comforting to the sense of smell.

Amber has not only been used as jewelry or in fragrances, but it has also been considered as a medicinal remedy for many diseases from the ancient times till now.

It made amber the center of interest to scientists and people likewise with the finding that it had remnants of plants and insects which had been first trapped and preserved, and upon research, they turned out to be millions of years old.