Alexis vallides nude

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Alexis vallides nude

) In October, the model underwent something of a transformation as she dyed her blonde tresses a dark shade of brown - which makes her feel more 'sexy'.'It was just this moment where I was like, I want to change, I want to grow up,' she told Cosmopolitan.

Posing for photos for a jewellery campaign recently, model Alexis Ren didn’t let clothes distract from the dazzling gems.

Notable for his performances in such Dominican and Spanish films as, respectively, Arroba (2013) and 90 Millas (2005), he is also recognized for his starring role (as Ivan Montenegro) on the Spanish comedy series Casi Perfectos.

After earning a degree in engineering, he had a decade-long career as a stage actor in his native Cuba.

You can be sexy blonde, but as far as that dark kind of sexiness with tan skin and tattoos, that to me is another level and where I’m heading actually.'I eventually want to try to go black just for fun.

I don’t think that people should be confined to any particular aesthetic.'The beauty was scouted at 13, but became more widely known when a photo of her in a black bikini, showing off her impeccable physique, went viral when she was 15.

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Despite this, there was one accessory that we just couldn’t take our eyes off – her shoes!

Slipping into a pair of burgundy feather slides from online store, Dolls Kill, the model looked beyond cool.

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quickly made Alexis one of Hollywood’s hottest young stars, thankfully putting an end to her plan to work behind the cameras after graduating from film school.

My look allows me to pull of many different looks from glam to urban, I am open minded to all styles as long as they are tasteful!