Adultdatingxyz com

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Adultdatingxyz com

Maybe it’s because I’m used to other dating websites that I’ve reviewed where the algorithms match me up with women based on personality traits, or life goals, or even astrology signs.

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I guess as a jumping-off point, Beardiful starts from a common interest (although it is a beard), but I don’t think that’s a good place to begin when it comes to looking for someone to date. Oh yeah – I’m supposed to wait for this section to talk about the cons of the dating site I’m reviewing.

I contacted 103 women, of which 13 responded to me in the email feature on the site.

Of the 13 women that responded, 8 mocked my terrible beard.

I signed up with the site with my email address, although I could have chosen to use my Facebook address instead.

It asked me to upload my pic and then it was off to the races. Well, if you’ve got a beard, or are a woman who values a beard above all other traits, I suppose the pros to this site are obvious.

Are you wanting or needing a little quot spice quot in your life, but afraid to put your self out there because you are quot attached quot, shy, or just afraid of what or who you might hook up with in this crazy world?

To get started, I had to create a simple account with the site.The site is pretty basic, all things considered, but since it’s free, I guess I can’t complain too much that the design and features it has are minimal. Although it does cost you your time and effort, and honestly, I’m not sure you want to spend either at this dating site. It’s filled with guys with beards, and women who like guys with beards.Unless you have a killer beard and are looking for someone that prizes that more than other qualities like, oh I don’t know, compatibility, common interests, goals, personality, etc. To be fair, I suppose that it cuts to the chase for beard lovers, and guys with facial hair.And, frankly, I understood where they were coming from. If you’ve got a beard, I guess you should give it a try.Although, I should say, that if I were a less mature guy, I could point out that two of the three women that silently judged me for my facial hair had quite a bit of said hair of their own. If you’re a woman that digs guys with beards, sure, it might work for you.I convinced myself that since the women on this site were looking for beards and nothing else, maybe it didn’t matter that my particular facial hair wasn’t perfect.