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We do not allow pets in the bathhouse, playground and beach areas, or in our rental units. Please call in advance for specific breed restrictions.You are totally liable for your pet should there be any claim.

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Please register overnight guests by PM in the office. If it seems ridiculously slow, you’re doing it right!

All fires must be contained inside the metal fire rings located on each site.

Campfires must be kept knee-high or below, and not left unattended.

All vehicles must have a valid ID tag displayed at all times. Registered guests must park on their assigned site. In the event of an emergency requiring police, fire or ambulance services, multiple vehicles on a site hinder services that may be needed.

Additional vehicles must be left in the Visitor's parking lot only.PM - AM.

All campers should return to their site by PM, and daily visitors/guests are required to leave at this time.

The quality of rest and relaxation is important to all campers, so please refrain from loud noises and disturbances during this period.Fire rings must not be used to ­dispose of cans, bottles, or other household trash. Maine State law prohibits transporting firewood from out of state. No cutting of trees/firewood is allowed in the campground or adjoining properties.Our fire ring placements have been approved by the Berwick Fire Department and for safety reasons, should not be moved. All firewood brought into the park must be removed prior to checkout.The Trailblazers can be found hamming it up at the zoo, attending murder mysteries, bowling, or just holding serious discussions about topics of interest.They hold picnics at least four times a year, and have elaborate parties, some in masquerade.Trailblazers was formed as a result of unmarried people looking for a singles social group involved in a variety of fun activities. Trailblazers has no political or religious orientations.