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Hit singles "The Rock Show" and "First Date" continued the band's mainstream success worldwide, with MTV cementing their image as video stars.

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While past recordings tended to meditate on feelings from high school, the band felt it was akin to a safety net and desired to write about "what's going on […] right now." "Feeling This" was the first song written for the album and illustrates a scenario of lust, ambivalence, and regret, with the protagonist of the song reflecting over his romance's dimming flame in the chorus "Fate fell short this time/Your smile fades in the summer." Hoppus and De Longe wrote the song in two different rooms and upon meeting to discuss the song, the two realized they had both written about sex—the passionate, lustful side (reflected in the verses) and the romantic side (the choruses).He was also more flexible and the next Blink album was able to be a pretty big departure from the previous two", said assistant engineer Sam Boukas.He subsequently left that spring to tour with Transplants, leaving the band with a variety of drum tracks to listen to while he was gone.I really like the music you sent me." The band used tons of gear while recording their self titled album, a great video to watch is the 2003 MTV Blink-182 Album Launch.They used lots of amps as you can see while watching the video, some of which were owned by producer Jerry Finn.Mark Hoppus stated that the album was so "personal to all three of us that we really wanted to be involved in every aspect of it." The release date kept getting missed and pushed back to the point where Jordan Schur, then-president of Geffen Records, made calls asking, "What is the absolute last possible second that we can turn this thing in and still make our release date?

" The band infused these experimentalist elements into their usual pop punk sound, inspired by lifestyle changes (the band members all became fathers before the album was released) and side-projects (Box Car Racer and Transplants.) "Much of the punk has been dissolved, the buzzsaw guitars faded into the corners, allowing room for staggering dynamics, cathartic guitar bursts and a weightier, more experimental and ambitious sound", wrote Tom Bryant of Kerrang! The mood was unsettling for De Longe, whose brother is a Navy officer: "It was so weird because we'd all be glued to the TV, watching these bombs explode over another country.

Following the band's ascent to stardom and success of their prior two releases, the trio were compelled to take a break and subsequently participated in various side projects (Box Car Racer and Transplants).

When they regrouped, the band felt inspired to approach song structure and arrangements differently on their next effort together.

So I'd see all this and wonder where he was at, and then we'd have to go into the next room and sing or finish writing lyrics.

I think it affected our moods throughout the day." "I think the second half of the record being written in LA was key.

Blink-182 is the eponymously titled fifth studio album by American rock band Blink-182.