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This camps is for dancers who love making music videos and the app!We'll learn several short routines to popular songs, explore camera angles, facial expressions, backgrounds and costumes!

We'll put together a final ballet performance with music from the movie!

This dance camp is b a s e d on the famous acrobatics show!

We’ll create spectacular characters, use special props, and will create a performance for families and friends at the end of camp that will leave them feeling like they just visited another world! This camp will revolve around a dance-themed Jumanji game involving challenges, crafts and epic obstacle courses.

The view is to the Northwest across Eagle Harbor toward Horseshoe Island.

On the right is the historic center of the Village of Ephraim.

We will take our game to the next level, and put together a live end of camp performance for our family and friends!

Our intensive will include ballet class, pre-pointe class, stretch and strengthen class, a new variations class each day, a pirouette and allegro class, lessons on ballet history & vocab and a showcase of variations on the last day of camp This camp will allow dancers to explore jazz, contemporary and improvisational movement through a magical perspective.

On the left are the limestone bluffs of Wisconsin's Peninsula State Park.

This camp will focus on dancing, acting and singing set to our favorite songs from this well-loved story.

Set to the soundtrack of the beautiful "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" movie, dancers will work on a collaborative piece to perform for friends and family at the end of camp.

Félicie is a young aspiring ballet dancer in the new movie "Ballerina".

We will build our own Transformer as a group and work on hip hop technique to improve our dance battle skills.