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back to top How do I get information about my plan benefits?Please refer to your Schedule of Benefits for details on your coverage.

With A PPO , members can choose to receive care for covered services from providers and hospitals that belong to Harvard Pilgrim's participating provider network or from those who don't.If you’re running a business, buy a good business insurance policy (including liability) and an umbrella policy for it, too.If your business is unusual, or you’re worried about a particular risk, look for risk-specific insurance, like media policies which cover defamation. You can find out if your doctor is part of the Harvard Pilgrim network by calling your doctor or by searching our online directory. PPO members are not required to choose a PCP or get referrals for specialty care. Your primary care physician (PCP) can provide or arrange for all the health services you need — treating you when you're sick, administering preventive screenings and providing routine checkups and immunizations. You can change your PCP by using HPHConnect, our secure online member self-service tool, or by contacting us. If you have an HMO or POS plan, you must choose a PCP to ensure coverage.In case you’re wondering, the Second version also said “[a]n agent who does an act otherwise a tort is not relieved from liability by the fact that he acted at the command of the principal or on account of the principal …”) An “agent” is a broader definition of “employee:” it’s anyone acting on behalf of the company. Here’s a case from the Virgin Islands less than a month ago, noting in passing the cases it found with minimal research: 937 A.2d 760, 794 n.153 (Del. 2007) (‘Officers and directors may be held individually liable for personal participation in tortious acts even though performed solely for the benefit of the corporation[.]‘) (quotation omitted); , 2009 U. That just defeats the nominal purpose of the LLC (to avoid liability), since you’ll have to pay the same amount anyway, just through the LLC.

Let me reiterate what that all means: the general legal rule across the country is that individuals acting on behalf of a company are liable for their tortious conduct, even if they did so on behalf of the company. Again, there are plenty of reasons for setting up an LLC, such as protecting investors, limiting conduct, and a host of business and tax uses, but avoiding personal liability for your own conduct isn’t one of them. Buy good personal liability insurance and buy an umbrella liability insurance policy.

In negligence, you had a general duty to do something in a reasonable way (like drive your car safely) and you messed up, so you have to pay for the harm you caused.

Another type of “tort” is an intentional tort, like defamation or tortious interference with business relations: you purposefully hurt me, so you should pay for the damage.

Here’s what you probably An agent is subject to liability to a third party harmed by the agent’s tortious conduct. Insurance and employee indemnification are so common today that this distinction is not often appreciated, but it’s still the law.

Unless an applicable statute provides otherwise, an actor remains subject to liability although the actor acts as an agent or an employee, with actual or apparent authority, or within the scope of employment.: The Restatement is an intense effort of lawyers, professors and judges organized by the American Law Institute to reduce to writing the legal community’s consensus regarding general principles of law applied across the country. If Warren Buffet defrauded Mom and Pop’s Ice Cream Stand wholly for the benefit of Berkshire Hathaway, he would be on the hook for the damage just the same as Berkshire. Assume you hit a pedestrian with a car, defame someone in a blog post, or cause a building fire.

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