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had been planning to become pregnant through artificial insemination for years prior to the beginning of the parties' relationship. C., early in their relationship, the two discussed having children. B.'s visits with the specialist and her decision to have a baby by artificial insemination until September 1993.

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jointly researched and decided which sperm donor they should use. On Google Play, most apps were free (93%), rated “high maturity” (79%), and the average user rating was 4.1/5.The most popular app types offered games (28%), phone utilities (eg, wallpaper, clock; 21%) and cannabis food recipes (21%); no apps addressed abuse, addiction, or treatment. Apps were most often informational (facts, strain classification), or recreational (games), likely reflecting and influencing the growing acceptance of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes. on the issue but maintained that she individually made the final choice about which sperm donor to use. Two months later, on February 7, 1994, the doctor *207 informed M. Biological mother's same-sex former domestic partner sued mother, seeking joint legal custody of, and visitation with, mother's biological children.

Luciani, for defendant-appellant and cross-respondent. Leslie Cooper, a member of the New York bar, New York City, for amici curiae American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey, American Civil Liberties Union Foundation, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, National Center for Lesbian Rights and Lambda Families of New Jersey (Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer, Eatontown, attorneys; Ms.

In April 1994, the parties moved to a larger apartment to accommodate the pending births.

prepared for the birth of the twins by attending pre-natal and Lamaze classes. contended that during that time they jointly decided on the children's names.

The parties also decided to have the children call M.

supported the notion, both publicly and privately, that during the twenty-three months after the children were born, the parties and the children functioned as a family unit.

Immediately following the birth, the nurses gave one child to M.