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If there is one thing I’d run 13 miles for, it is booze. We trained for the NYC Half Marathon together and we will be running the Diva Women’s Half Marathon side by side.

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She even came over to me and helped me get into the best positions.

After a gatorade stop more than halfway through, we both had renewed energy and finished pretty strong!

7 miles – I ran this with Melissa as well, another loop of the park plus a mile back home, on an early Friday morning before work.

I went to hot yoga my first day in Seattle which helped and I felt great during the run! This was the longest run I have ever done alone (not counting the half marathons) and I was nervous.

After mile six or seven I ate some Shot Blocks and got a sudden surge of fast energy! And then I ate a big buffet brunch and then my little baby smushy brother got married. My hip had been tight again and I was concerned about a potential injury.

It was only during the very last mile that my hip started acting up, and by then I was almost done. I had to wave these flags when I wanted to cross the street to avoid be casualty #63. I ran to Central Park and ran a full loop and then some. I thought I had nothing left in me, yet I had my fastes mile left!

I got pretty scared when I came to one with no flags in it! *UPDATE Silly me — I forgot to include the most special of the long runs of all — the one I did in the Smoky Mountains for my brother’s wedding! After four miles my hip started hurting, and after five I took a stretching break. I suddenly had all this energy that came from the adrenaline of racing. I felt no pain, just happiness at running with so many other women. I finished my 10 miles on the west side of the park.

I struggled towards the end and was happy to exit the park.

My last mile home was much faster than all the others! Summer Streets was the coolest thing and I am so happy I got to experience it this year!

Discovery Cove donates 5% of the proceeds from Sea Venture to the Rising Tide conservation project.

Just a heads up, there is an exhale sale on Rue La La today.

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